RemoteBeeBox is designed by IRIS Technologies SA, a startup launched in 2016 by passionate and passionate bee enthusiasts.


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Welcome to

Welcome to


Are you Struggling too ?! 

Beekeepers around the world are struggling to maintain profitability and scalability.


Some of the usual problems are:


Dead beehives in the winter, Theft, dead queen, unscheduled swarming, collapsing beehives, etc.. ​


Using technology, it's easy today to gather all DATA we need to listen to the hive. ​

Data means the right insights to move fast. ​


RemoteBeeBox is a cutting-edge Hw/Sw solutions that provide hive monitoring technology for beekeepers for better profitability and efficiency. 


The RemoteBeeBox listens to the bees and factors in sensor data and gives the beekeeper digital journals and updates to monitor hive conditions around the clock.

Tech Features 

All what you need to sens your beehives

Embedded Electronics

  • Temperature sensor

  • Humidity sensor 

  • GPS / accelerometer

  • GSM

  • Opening Hive sensor

  • Audio recording

  • +1 year lifetime battery 

Extra Sensors

  • Weight Scale 

  • Brood temperature sensor

  • External Humidity 

  • 2+ years lifetime battery

Alarms, Warnings & Notifications

Data is the best way to be efficient. 

Theft alert

Motion sensor indicates possible theft and GPS Tracking system is activated.

queen status

Dead queen is a dead hive unless the beekeeper takes control of the situation. 

swarming ALERT

Losing a swarm is losing money and making the hive weaker. Using the audio recording, we detect pre-swarming event so the beekeeper will have time to move.


Using Sound, Temp/Hum Sensors, the beekeeper will be early notified to move fast and fix problem with minimum effort

RemoteBeeBox Mobiel App

Download BeePreneur App from Google play store or Apple store. Add your RemoteBeeBox to your dashboard and enjoy monitoring your hives  

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We believe in precision beekeeping and we aim to disrupt the beekeeping industry.


Since the XX century till today, beekeepers are still doing the same work in the same ways.  They are struggling. 


Gathering DATA is our key activity to understand the apiary and beekeepers' behaviors. 

We are building our Beekeeping Decision Support System based on Data Science and Machine Learning features. 

DATA is the key to make beekeeping efficient, profitable and enjoyable